Online Businesses
LojiPlatform is a new generation eCommerce Enabler company founded to solve the never ending problems of doing online business. LojiPlatform provides enterprise class eCommerce platform with latest technology which reacts nicely even to highest traffic requests and deliver orders directly to our ERP systems. Our state-of-the-art ERP system makes order processing a child’s play and ease all sales rep’s daily life. Your orders processed automatically and send to operations team to be prepared instantly. Our warehouse team picks your orders, check them, pack and label, invoice and deliver to designated freight companies for last mile delivery or distributed via our own fleet within Istanbul. Our systems notifiy every party of the shipped order with tracking number real time thus your customers do not need to call anybody to see where their order is. We push them this info proactively before even they ask.
of LojiPlatform have decades of related industry experience in multi hundreds million dollar companies and managed such systems in local and international companies. The team work on innovative solutions to turn the ugly side of the eCommerce into seamless and beautiful operational processes so owners and managers of online businesses enjoy growing their business with no more hurdles. Thus, their end customer satisfaction increases significantly.
The Team
  • Ertan Atay
    Co-founder & CEO
    ex-GM of Brightstar Turkey, long time advisor and mentor, investor.
  • Gökhan Koç
    Co-founder & CTO
    Software Architect with 20+ years experience on high ticket financial software systems
  • Mahir Gültekin;
    GMY & Kıdemli Danışman
    26 years experience on cargo and distribution companies, Legal Expert on Turkish courts
  • Mustafa Şişli
    15+ years of logistics and supply chain management experience in various companies
  • Cem Ersözlü
    An artist with elegant designs, UI & UX expert on web and mobile as well as on paper works
  • Murad Güdücü
    Experienced business advocate with international expertise

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