A Different Approach To Online Businesses

Seamless integration with operations

Every e-Commerce owner or manager knows that capturing the order is already hard but executing these orders in a timely manner in operations is even harder. To ease the things for you, we have integrated all systems so your order do not lost along the way during operations. Order capture systems talk fluently to our ERP which talks natively to our WMS (Warehouse Management System) and informs back all systems the status of the order at any given time. You don’t have to struggle with IT systems, integrations, never ending software hurdles etc.

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LojiPlatform provides you first class eCommerce, delivery courier and cargo platforms including web front end (order capture), ERP systems, warehouses and last mile delivery direct to your buyers both B2B and B2C and everything in between. So, you do not need to worry storing your products, picking, packing, inspecting and shipping. We do it all for you with high speed, accuracy and affordable prices. If you like, you can use our platforms to do all by yourself. Or let us to do for you. Even, we can do SoR for you.

No Financial

If you own a warehouse, you know what: Every month huge expenses pile up and eat your precious capital. If sales are low, your costs become unbearable and push you to the red. Capital investments are high for the warehouses as well as software investments and maintenance fees so high to keep them up and running. Especially fixed costs are dangerous which quickly turn your business down. Apart from all these, low efficiency and low throughput are allways a problem. We ease them all: No fixed costs, no unanticipated surprise costs, no investment, no maintenance fees. Nothing. Nill! Just pay for your processed orders, nothing more.

Unlimited Warehouse Storage as you need

We do not push you to rent a fraction of our warehouse with big bucks. Instead, we provide you necessary space at any time, with no limitation. Bring as many stock as you wish to service your customers’ order faster and efficiently. you can keep as low as few days stocks or as much as few months or even more. We can also provide extra storage space during peak seasons or campaigns. Free yourselves from landlords, monthly rents, long term leases, expensive logistics services, investments. We do have everything ready to serve at your disposal.

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